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Leanne's Llama Journey

I’ve always found the weather to be strange and unpredictable. Very much like my moods ha-ha! One minute it’s cloudy and stormy and the next, it’s sunny and cloudless. Quite like last Saturday.

On the drive to Tina’s I kept glancing at the sky, debating in my head whether it was going to rain or not. Fingers crossed, I hoped it would hold off. It did, though that wind was extremely strong, (I think I need to put more time in at the gym ha-ha). It almost carried me away. Now, that would be a shock for the Llamas!

I spent some time clearing away bricks and metal and carrying it all over to the pile we had previously created. Having added to it even more, it looked so much bigger.

After all the brick and wood had been moved out of the way, I got stuck into picking up MORE Llama poo (not literally of course), you’d think they wouldn’t have to go that many times a day! You’d be amazed how many small scoops can fill a whole wheelbarrow!

While I was clearing up, Tina started spraying the tops of quite a few ragwort rosettes which could potentially be deadly to the Llamas and you know how they’ll eat about anything! So hopefully the weeds will die off quickly.

I tried to get a picture of the chickens after the mornings work, but to no avail. They’re much too fast, even with just two legs. I think they might have been a bit camera shy. They most definitely weren’t shy when they all huddled into the paddock we were working away in.

This is how many small and big twigs I had collected at the end of the day, whilst Tina was raking them all in.

Although you can’t really see much of a difference from here, there’s been a lot of improvement each week I’ve been going there. It’s lovely being able to work out in the fresh air, great atmosphere, clucking of chickens and the view of the Llamas.

We didn’t get time to do any grooming that day, as time was getting on, so we ended the day by packing away. I collected the small amount of fleece and stuffed it in between a few bricks and bags, from the previous time we had groomed the Llamas and of course it got everywhere! As the birds are all building nests, the llama fleece is a welcome source of building material, making the nest soft and cosy.

I’ve decided to add to my blog by putting a fact down at the end, so that way, you guys will be gaining more knowledge about Llamas and so will I!

Fact of the day:

Pregnancy in llamas lasts 11 ½ months and ends with a single baby. The female will normally give birth in the morning and the young Llama (which is called a cria) will be able to run with the rest of the herd by the evening.

I knew the first part, because of Tina having told me, but with the extra added bits of information it’s very interesting and expands the mind.

I know I said I’d end it with a fact, but I almost forgot I had taken this picture, so we shall end with a picture of a Llama who looks like she’s contemplating life, but looking very at ease all the while.

Blogging off until next time!

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