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Leanne's Llama Journey

I have to say, I was extremely lucky last Saturday. The weather was gorgeous! The atmosphere lovely and the scenery was beautiful.

I am so very happy that I have the opportunity to post a blog every week. I love talking about what happens with the Lovely Llamas and trust me when I say, there is no better cure for stress and feeling down then working out in the fresh air with the view of the Llamas insight. It can lift someone's mood up so much, I think I might take one home with me; not sure what my dogs would say about that ha-ha!

I am also pleased to share that I have learnt all of their names! Now I can use their names instead of 'her', 'him' and 'it', though if anyone is like me, I really don't like calling an animal 'it'. In my opinion they have their own personality :D

Last Saturday we spent little time scooping more poo up and collecting rubbish and more time grooming!

The first hour flew by, so we had a good hour spending time with the Llamas.

Whilst having a rubbish hunt, Dolly (one of the chickens with a poor leg), came and joined us. She has to be seperated from the others, but she really enjoyed the time spent outside, clucking away, very content.

The way she walks is both hilarious and adorable, lifitng her bad leg up so high looking as though shes about to break into the CanCan. She seemed extremely happy and oblivious to the giggles that were coming from both Tina and myself.

After a while she had to be taken back inside as we were going to bring the Llamas in.

This time, instead of having them all seperated, we opened the gate to allow them all through to the paddock that was facing the road.

We quickly filled our pockets to the brim with treats, their favourites! They came rushing over. I slammed the lid down so that they couldn't eat the whole contents of the tub.

This greedy girl is Amber. From the minute I gave her one treat, she started coming back for more. I ended up having to keep dodging her nose, it seemed to always be trying to detect the treats.

I managed to keep her still for short amounts of time (with the help of a treat), running my detangler through her soft coat, but then once she had gulped that down she turned around to face me as if asking for another one. Needless to say, I didn't get much of her done.

Meet Jasmine, she's so gentle and soft.

Definitely not the type to shove or push like greedy guts Amber ha-ha!

Kamilah! She's absolutely adorable, you just can't pass her without smiling and wanting a big cuddle.

She's just precious.

In this picture it looks like she's saying, 'this is my good side, take my good side'. Snap!

It was a really good day and the last hour before going home spent with these cuties was all worthwhile. I'm so glad the sun stayed out, shining on us. It didn't go in once! Especially as the following day it was raining for most of it.

Blogging off until next time! (pray that the sun holds on till this Saturday)

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