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Leanne's Llama Journey

How bad was that wind we had on Thursday last week? It was crazy! We had a coach in a ditch near where I live!

Luckily it all eased off in time for me to go to Placement on Saturday.

As usual I glanced around for any damages that had happened. I expected to have at least seen more plastic, crisp packets and so on to have been strewn over the ground and claimed a place among where Tina and I had cleared.

I met with Tina, put my bag on the table inside and we went to see what had to be done.

Guess what? Forget the rubbish that I was looking for, I hadn’t even noticed a huge part of a big tree that had blown down right on to the ground as we walked past, Tina pointed it out. I was just shocked. I think my contacts were a complete waste of money ha-ha!

Tina suggested we put all the rubbish that had been collected and put them into black plastic bags. Now, the pile wasn’t even THAT big, but it took a good HOUR to clear it all away. In the end 4 bags were used ha-ha! It’s amazing how cold I started off feeling and how bending down picking up all sorts and putting it all into bags can warm you up! The slight breeze every now and then was refreshing.

The chickens even came over to keep me company, clucking away as though talking to me, I clucked back to show my appreciation. One chicken, whose name I think was Beatrice, was especially presumptuous in coming over and standing right next to me, as though knowing me for a long time. I thought at first I should walk slowly around things as not to startle her, but I began to realise that she was so relaxed, I could probably pick her up and cuddle her and she wouldn’t even flinch.

As soon as the bags had been filled to the brim and placed out the way, the next job was to rake over some mole hills. Absolute mischievous creatures they are, but helpful all the same. Tina explained to me that the soil they turn up, whilst digging their holes from the underground to the surface was not very pretty, it was very good soil for taking away and planting seedlings into. As I was raking the last of them over I noticed how fine and soft it looked. The ground beneath my feet felt very soft, I’m surprised I didn’t fall straight through. I’m sure I would have had a very surprised encounter with a bunch of shocked and surprised moles!

I placed the rake back where it was leaning against originally and followed Tina, as we made our way through the gate towards the happy and curious Llamas. You'll be pleased to hear that I am slowly beginning to remember their names and recognise who is who; such a successful time for me! Ha-ha

We were trying out some GROOMING! With nibbles in each pocket and a detangle brush in hand, Tina escorted about 5 Llamas, each, into a fair sized pen.

We joined one after the other, gently brushing out their soft hair, when I mean soft I mean SOFT. What’s that idiom? As soft as a baby’s bum? Well they should change that to being ‘as soft as Llamas fleece’, because I could have made a bed out of it and had the best sleep ever; like sleeping on a cloud!

When grooming a Llama you must make sure to stay in sight of them at all times, in case they kick out at you from the back, because for all they know you could be a wild wolf and if they can’t see you they’re not exactly going to take any chances. Keeping by their side is the way to do it.

The best part was getting to give them treats. Just to feel a slight touch of their mouth on your palm before chomping away. One even had the confidence to chomp down on my hair! That was funny! One moment I was just standing there and the next I felt a great force pulling me from behind. Cheeky devil! Let’s just say I’m going to keep a watchful eye on that one next time, yes I’m still not sure of THAT one’s name.

It’s crazy how two hours just flew by that day. It was such a great experience getting the chance to groom Llamas and even learn more about what to do and what not to do. I even forgot about the cold seeing how I enjoyed myself so much!

Blogging off until next time

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