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Leanne's Llama Journey

The Saturday before last, I was unable to attend placement at Tina’s due to falling ill with a horrible cold, possibly passed on to me by someone at college, how typical ha-ha!

It couldn’t have come at a better time, (nope, not being sarcastic), as I received it a day before we broke up for half term, so in a way I was quite lucky. I also had to have a day off from work, so I got to stay in bed all day in the warm, tissues by my side and lots to drink and when I say a lot to drink I mean A LOT!

Following on from the day that I couldn’t go to Tina’s, I had the Sunday booked off of work, so again I say it REALLY couldn’t have happened at a more convenient time!

Last Saturday both Tina and I had got days and times mixed up, so of course we decided on another day when we were both free.

Wednesday morning was the best choice, as I could take a morning off college and Tina wasn’t working, but what happened on Wednesday? RAIN, again I say TYPICAL. After messaging Tina, we both agreed it would be a good idea if I stayed home in the warm and she the same.

So yesterday I got on with writing, or rather typing, this blog and completing some of the online course, all keeping me busy until I had to go into college for the rest of the afternoon.

Unfortunately this is going to be probably the shortest blog I’ll do and it doesn’t include anything about the Llamas! , hopefully this Saturday will bring more luck and with any chance there will be much more to talk about and of course, pictures!

Here’s a picture of the Llama trying to impress you all with her sassy pose ha-ha, hopefully it brightens your day up like it did mine :)

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