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Leanne's Llama Journey

The morning of Saturday 4th was freezing! My hands were as cold as ice cubes, especially with the cold gardening gloves I had on. Not the warmest things to wear, but appropriate when it came to picking rubbish

up, which is what we spent last Saturday doing.

Now, I thought the last time I was around we had cleared up most of it, but I was so wrong!

The pile soon grew and grew even more. This time we set about with buckets at hand and determination to collect every single bit of rubbish, from big chunks of metal to small chocolate wrappers. Honestly, it's amazing what we found!

As you can see from the picture above, you'll notice some blue netting in the distance, just behind the llamas on the hill. Before Tina and I set to work rubbish hunting, she said we should firstly tie the netting back up on the metal railing that was there, so that when we let the Llamas in to join us they wouldn't be able to get over that part.

Just behind the hill there's a small section that contains some Laurel plants that aren't very good for the Llamas, hence us closing it off from them, we know they try and eat everything!

Let me say that, that small section also contained a lot of rubbish! it's never been cleared out before so luckily I was small enough to squeeze under the railings and pick everything up. I must have made at least 4 trips, each with a full to the brim bucket!

Before moving on, let's just take some time to admire that Llama in the picture (I'm still trying to learn their names), who is giving us what looks to be a very sassy look haha! Some teeth bared and all. Very beautiful! The one behind appears to not look all that impressed by her friends efforts to strike a pose!

Once we had done all we could on the inside of the paddock, we then began to work our way around the outside of it, we were soon greeted by more and more rubbish which soon got put away into our buckets.

We were also greeted by Julian, Tina's black Siamese cat. He was gorgeous! I'll have to get some pictures of him next time. I'm sure he'd appreciate some internet fame. He was ever so friendly, not timid in the slightest, followed me all the way along!

Time was getting on, so the last part of the day was collecting the rubbish on the outside along the road, which ran along the fence. That was fine as that road is never busy.

As you can see the Llamas are all crowded together, curious by the new arrivals (which were my nan, mum and Poppy, my dog). They had decided on walking Poppy up to meet me and to see the Llamas.

We packed our buckets away and went to meet them outside the gates, a good days work completed and a lot of rubbish disposed of!

Before leaving, Tina and I went through a word she had told me about at the start of the day. ANTHROPOMORPHISM. This is the definition of what we do when we give human characteristics towards animals or objects. I'm glad to say I can now pronounce it, sort of!

The curious Llamas upon leaving.

That was a very good day!

Blogging off until next time:)

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