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Leanne's Llama Journey

What a day last Saturday was! I woke up feeling tired and by the end of the two hours I was there, I was still tired (laugh out loud), but I was determined and pleased with the progress that had already been made.

After having said a quick hello to the lovely Llamas, one was even brave enough to touch his cute, twitching snout to my face, Tina and I moved on to the paddock in which we’d be working on to clear out and make space for the public.

She started by showing me how to clear up the Llama poo. Not the nicest thing to talk about, let alone take a picture of! But it has to be done. I’m glad to say I managed that task quite well and succeeded at not getting it everywhere. Funny how I can scoop bits of poo without spilling it everywhere, but with hot chocolate powder, that’s another story!

We carried on scooping and heaving for about half an hour, then set about clearing dead weeds and plants, pulling them up and putting them in the wheelbarrow just outside the entrance of the gate.

Some were as stubborn as anything and needed a good pull to loosen them up. We both pulled up an absolute huge root! It took a spade and some tugging to get free. After a quick picture with the monster, it joined its fellow roots in the wheelbarrow.

It was surprisingly warm that day, which made it easier to continue.

The wheelbarrow got to the point where no more could possibly squeeze in.

We started on another pile which contained the likes of bricks, plastic, wrappers, string, metal and even a China man! We joked about auctioning him off, though half of him was missing (don’t worry, the other half of his body was revealed soon after!).

Time was getting on so we decided to pack it up, putting all the tools back and then heading back towards the house. After a nice refreshing drink, we went back outside so that I could take some pictures of the day’s work before being picked up.

Blogging off until next time!:D

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