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Our story is once again in the local press :-)

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No drama with a llama thanks to Walsoken woman

08:04 30 January 2017

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Want to feel calmer? Then cam-watch a llama thanks to an animal fan in Walsoken.

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Tina of Faster Lente Llamas said never under estimate the power of llamas whose presence can help people feel more relaxed.

She aims to make it a base where people can visit in a public viewing area to sit and relax, read and enjoy the peace and down time away form the bustle of modern day life.

She has llama sales, a blog, stud services, training tips, adoption scheme, husbandry tips, photos, videos and llama-cams.

“Our mission is to create a calming atmosphere from stressful everyday lives - if you can’t be near llamas in real life, then watch and get to know them here,” she said.

As part of that she has now set up a webcam.

She said: “In 2012, my husband, Chris (my then fiancé) and I were seeking our “forever home” for after our marriage.

“We happened upon a property in Suffolk that had outbuildings and two acres of paddocks.

“We joked about how much it would cost to landscape and Chris joked that we should consider getting sheep to keep the grass down.

“I said no, not sheep - we should have llamas!

“The seed was sown and we bought our forever home in Walsoken a few months later and painstakingly got to work on the unkempt four acres of paddocks.

“In July 2013 we purchased four llamas - Zsa Zsa, Lila, Lucy and Lollipop.

“In August 2015 we acquired Pharaoh, a handsome 12 year old Champion Stud and we have mated Zsa Zsa and Lollpop with him.

“I have two part-time llama farmers who help with mucking out the llamas and when all of the cleaning is done we spend a little time working on training the llamas with standing still, being haltered, walking when haltered, touch training and grooming.

“It is my intention to take a couple of the girls to various shows in the UK this summer and beyond.”

• For more information about the llamas contact


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