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Leanne's Llama Journey

Last Saturday was my induction day with Tina, the lady who works with Llamas. I attend the College of West Anglia and the course I am doing requires students to find a work placement, in a field that we would be interested pursuing in the future.

Now, at first I thought I would have been volunteering with the likes of dogs and cats and so on, but never Llamas! That never even crossed my mind. My tutors at college were quite surprised and impressed as it’s very unusual and different.

Before being shown around by Tina, I was introduced to her husband Chris who seemed to be equally as inviting and down to earth as Tina herself.

Before having seen Tina’s Llama I could say I’ve never witnessed one up close before, only on TV and reading about them in books.

I met with Pharaoh, the male Llama. He was on his own, not cut off from the female Llamas, but so that they had a fence between them so no mating could take place, apparently they’re quite big on that! As soon as we were in the paddock with Pharaoh the lady llamas came galloping over, ears pricked and eyes curious. They poked their heads through the fencing being nosy, (probably hoping to get some treat bits from the newbie), me!

A lot was discussed that day, so remembering all their names will take a few days, but hopefully overtime I’ll call to them all with only having to take a quick glance to know who is who and which is which.

I’ve learned a couple of things about these animals already:

  • Their coats are as soft and gentle as each of their personalities

  • They are creatures of habit, intelligent and learn fast, for example, if being extremely curious led to touching an electric fence you can be sure that they WON’T be doing that again anytime soon

I shall also be helping to create a space for which people would eventually be able to go and enjoy the view of the Llama’s. Information boards would be put up, so people can get a better understanding about Llama’s and the different types.

I have also, as part of placement, been signed up for a course online which includes; videos, information and quizzes at the end of each module.

I have also been given my own blog to write!!! I’ve always liked writing (or typing in this case), so I’m really looking forward to posting every Thursday. This is my first ever blog, I’m very new at this and I hope whoever reads this, enjoys it!

Blogging off until next time!

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