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The Egyptian King fathers a Daughter

We were all becoming a little anxious that Lollipop did not appear to be pregnant, although she mated with Pharaoh at the same time last year as Zsa Zsa. Little Mesenka, Zsa Zsa's baby boy was almost three weeks old and had no playmate. We checked on Lollopop every day for two weeks after Mesenka was born, but although she acted as if she were pregnant. she didn't look much like she was pregnant!

On Thursday 28 July, I wandered in to the paddocks to check the llamas had plenty of fresh water as it was a hot day. I saw what I thought was Mesenka kushed (lying down) next to Lollopop. He looked very dark against the green paddock grass. I then glanced over at Zsa Zsa and gasped as I spotted Mesenka kushed next to her! My eyes went back and forth a couple of times between the dark thing next to Lollipop and the larger and lighter coloured Mesenka next to his own mum. I concluded very quickly that Lollipop had given birth to her baby. I raced over (as quickly as you can 'race' in flip-flops) and saw the baby up close. I saw that she was a girl and was still quite wet which means she had not been born for long. Luckily I had my phone in my pocket and I therefore took a photo because racing indoors to change footwear and get the iodine. Iodine is used for baby llamas' umbilical cords to keep them clean and help them dry out. Here is the first photo of Kamilah - you can see her little umbilical cord on her tummy. Lollipop is (as you can see) brown and white, and Pharaoh (dad) is dark brown. Kamilah's head and upper neck were almost black and her body was a slightly lighter but still very dark brown.

After I had gotten over the shock of Lollipop actually having been pregnant and having given birth to a little girl, the time came to select a name. Mesenka's name was chosen because there was a prince (a son of a Pharaoh) in the second dynasty called Mesenka (or Mesen-Ka). I therefore wanted an egyptian name for a girl...... I chose the name Kamilah (in the UK it is normally spelled 'Camilla') Kamilah is an Arabic/Egyptian name which means 'Perfect' or 'Perfection' and I thought that was a pretty good name for this gorgeous little girl.

This is Lollipop giving Kamilah some nibbling kisses.

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