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Making Friends with an Egyptian King

With the paddock fencing suiltably raised high enough to prevent leaping llamas meeting each other before they are ready to, we let our girls into the middle paddock which adjoins the one Pharaoh has taken residence of. Here are some photographs capturing the moment.....

Pharaoh keeping an eye on the girls.... at a distance

Chris opens the gate to the middle paddock and the girls come galloping through

Lucy clucking, wagging her tail and holding her ears back..... flirting in fact!

Lollipop seems keen to be friends too.

Jasmine gets to the front of the girls and commands Pharaoh's attention. Look at their ears - mirrored with each other.

Handsome boy Pharaoh

Pharaoh looking a bit daunted by Jasmine's continued attentions .....

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