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Jasmine being haltered for the first time - a photo-blog

Here is my picture blog of the first time Jasmine had her halter put on. The photos were taken this afternoon, by my step-son, Matt (thank you Matt!). Yesterday, I had let Jasmine put her nose through the halter.... this morning, I put it on her. In a few easy steps then....

1) Let Jasmine see the halter again. Look at her ears - she's curious

2) Hold the halter to her nose. Let her smell it and think about it for a minute or two.

3) Hold the halter open so that she can easily pop her nose through it without it touching the tip of her nose (they hate that because that is their only way of breathing). Move to the front of her and calmly put the head strap around the back of her head.

4) Hold the head strap against the cheek clip for a moment. Give Jasmine a little titbit for being such a good girl.

5) Connect the headstrap to the cheek bit. Baby Jasmine is now haltered.

6) Me, looking chuffed with myself!

7) Jasmine, liking titbits (Bailey's horse treats, cut into much much smaller bits). Mum, Zsa Zsa, happily grazing nearby.

8) Now its time to see how she gets on with a lead rope around her neck. Yesterday, I merely draped it across her back - with very little reaction - hence the expansion in training today)...

9) Gently and calmly place lead rope around the bottom of Jasmine's neck.

10) Hold in a very loose 'necklace' style. Encourage a couple of steps and when a step is taken, say 'Walk on' and praise with a titbit.

11) Walking with Jasmine, giving lots of praise along the way, keeping the 'necklace' very loose.

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