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Training Jasmine!

I had SUCH A GREAT training session with the girls today. I concentrated initially on Lila, walking on and halter work, then as Jasmine was paying so much interest, I decided to see how she would get on with a little training of her own.

I left the lead rope lying over her back and fed her a couple of titbits. That achieved, I held the halter out and she promptly put her nose through it. I held it in place against her jaw and she seemed quite content to stand there with me doing that.... a titbit as reward - I then pretended to groom her (she hasnt been touched on her body without jumping away so far), to which she stood still - if I had been carrying my grooming brush I probably would have given her a very quick go. To continue then.... I decided to use the back of my fingers to stroke her neck - yep, she didn't mind that..... I then tried a bit of Ttouch - she wasn't so sure about that!..... tried the 'bracelet' gentle hold that I have recently been re-taught by Julie Taylor-Brown my recent Camelidynamics course - no problem! ended with a little massage around her mouth and nose - yep I think she liked that!! I need a photographer to capture this bit of initial training to share it with everyone.

I completed by training course with the ladies, by nose through halter followed by loose halter rope around the neck and walk on commands for Zsa Zsa, Lucy and Lollipop.

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