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31 Mar 2017

Yet another beautiful Saturday!

As usual I went to meet Tina by the back door and waited for her to gather her gloves and anything else she would need. I found out that one chicken was taking up refuge in her home as there had been a squabble, which resulted in one of t...

23 Mar 2017

I’ve always found the weather to be strange and unpredictable. Very much like my moods ha-ha! One minute it’s cloudy and stormy and the next, it’s sunny and cloudless. Quite like last Saturday.

On the drive to Tina’s I kept glancing at the sky, debating in my head wheth...

11 Mar 2017

I have to say, I was extremely lucky last Saturday. The weather was gorgeous! The atmosphere lovely and the scenery was beautiful.

I am so very happy that I have the opportunity to post a blog every week. I love talking about what happens with the Lovely Llamas and trus...

26 Feb 2017

The Saturday before last, I was unable to attend placement at Tina’s due to falling ill with a horrible cold, possibly passed on to me by someone at college, how typical ha-ha!

It couldn’t have come at a better time, (nope, not being sarcastic), as I received it a day b...

19 Jan 2017

Last Saturday was my induction day with Tina, the lady who works with Llamas. I attend the College of West Anglia and the course I am doing requires students to find a work placement, in a field that we would be interested pursuing in the future.

Now, at first I thought...

1 Aug 2016

We were all becoming a little anxious that Lollipop did not appear to be pregnant, although she mated with Pharaoh at the same time last year as Zsa Zsa. Little Mesenka, Zsa Zsa's baby boy was almost three weeks old and had no playmate. We checked on Lollopop every day...

16 Jul 2015

With the paddock fencing suiltably raised high enough to prevent leaping llamas meeting each other before they are ready to, we let our girls into the middle paddock which adjoins the one Pharaoh has taken residence of.  Here are some photographs capturing the moment.....

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November 6, 2019

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