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31 Mar 2017

Yet another beautiful Saturday!

As usual I went to meet Tina by the back door and waited for her to gather her gloves and anything else she would need. I found out that one chicken was taking up refuge in her home as there had been a squabble, which resulted in one of t...

23 Mar 2017

I’ve always found the weather to be strange and unpredictable. Very much like my moods ha-ha! One minute it’s cloudy and stormy and the next, it’s sunny and cloudless. Quite like last Saturday.

On the drive to Tina’s I kept glancing at the sky, debating in my head wheth...

11 Mar 2017

I have to say, I was extremely lucky last Saturday. The weather was gorgeous! The atmosphere lovely and the scenery was beautiful.

I am so very happy that I have the opportunity to post a blog every week. I love talking about what happens with the Lovely Llamas and trus...

4 Mar 2017

How bad was that wind we had on Thursday last week? It was crazy! We had a coach in a ditch near where I live!

Luckily it all eased off in time for me to go to Placement on Saturday.

As usual I glanced around for any damages that had happened. I expected to have at least...

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Licence for Activities involving Animals

November 6, 2019

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October 7, 2017