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6 Nov 2019

It was with great pleasure that we received our Licence for our llamas when they are 'exhibited' :-)

2 Jan 2019

We are going to trial an experience which will include an art workshop with a professional artist at the helm. The day will include relaxing around our  llamas and will be fully inclusive of refreshments, snacks and lunch. Our chosen date is Sunday 3rd March. If you wo...

31 Oct 2017

Then look no further.  Our llamas would love spending time with the happy couple.  Invite them now by contacting us

18 Oct 2017

Take a look at our Adopt a Llama Gift Box.  What's inside:

Personalised Adoption Certificate, dated for the special day you are buying for (birthday, Christmas anniversary etc). 

Personalised Visit Voucher for adopter and two guests (or  more if need be), without an expi...

1 Oct 2017

On a peaceful but drizzly Sunday morning Pharaoh, accompanied by his humans Tina and Chris Gambell, paid a visit to Lyncroft Care Home in Wisbech. 

The residents and staff were very welcoming and took turns to feed Pharaoh treats of carrots, apple chunks and a...

20 Sep 2017

The weekend of 16 and 17 September had been very carefully planned..... every detail accounted for and far more than was necessary was crammed into the llama lorry for the trip. The Royal County of Berkshire Show is the National Show where camelids come together to be...

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